Some exemplary works go unnoticed due to the silent impact it has. The Sustainable Living Solutions Trust is an organization, which provides empathic listening and counseling services to prevent suicides, through the Suicide prevention Centre. The Sustainable Trust is working hard to prevent suicide in the Vanni and Jaffna districts, by providing these services to people, who suffer from mental health afflictions, due to trauma, and various economic and societal factors. 

The biggest challenge they face is reducing stigma, and spreading awareness about the importance of mental health. Obtaining services for mental health care is still looked at differently, with people not coming forward to get help from the Centre due to the shyness and social factors.

 However, with the support of the volunteers, the Sustainable Trust is engaged in creating awareness among the needy. As a new development, the Sustainable Trust is trying to collaborate with the Retired People Association in Vavuniya to continue their services. 

We believe their services are very important to the people and to the region, and we thank all our donors while humbly request you all to continue the support providing to Manitha Neyam Trust.