A mushroom cultivation project has successfully started in collaboration with LIFT NGO, Batticaloa.   The goal of this project was to provide a sustainable income to underprivileged families.

Thus far, the construction of the mushroom hut with a climate control system has been completed.  This mushroom farming center has been fully equipped with the tools and materials for optimal cultivation.

4 women have been employed so far, and their orientation and training has successfully been completed.  Mushrooms that were planted have started blooming! And in the vertical cultivation beds, spinach is being grown. 

Due to the pandemic, they were unable to have a big inauguration for the first harvest.  However, LIFT NGO and farm staff had a small prayer and inauguration on November 6th, and hope to have larger event with MNT members once it’s safe again.

Thank you to all our donors and LIFT NGO staff who made this project happen!  We are very excited to see the new harvest.

Please find more news and photos in LIFT NGO’s  FB page in the following link.