All of us know about the noble services of Sivapoomi Trust, and the assistance of Manitha Neyam Trust in helping them to effectively continue services. We have published about many of Sivapoomi Trust services including Sivapoomi school, and Sivapoomi Elders home etc.

In this edition, we were fortunate to meet the founder of Sivapoomi Trust, the most resilient man with a generous heart, Dr. Aru Thirumurugan. The following is an excerpt of his message to the donors of Manitha Neyam Trust.

“ Sivapoomi Trust started 16 years ago to serve the needy community, especially, the children with down syndrome who need special attention and special care. Our trust makes sure we take care of them and groom them to lead a normal life, likewise our home for elders also serving the elders who need love and care.

I must mention that Manitha Neyam Trust helps us to serve our children and elders, and their service is well organized and executed with discipline. We receive their assistance on time and regularly. Also, they helped the Sivapoomi school to construct the vocational training centre. We are indebted to the Trust, founders and donors, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all”

Dr. Aru Thirumurugan – FounderSivapoomi Trust