We were fortunate enough to meet another great human being and daughter of Dr. Ganeshamoorthy. She gave a brief introduction about the Jaipur Centre and a message to the donors of the Manitha Neyam Trust. 

“Established in 1987 with the support of the Norwegian government, citizens of Jaffna, and mothers front organization, Jaffna Jaipur Centre is serving the much-needed people who lost their limbs due to civil war. Later, the Centre expanded its services to physiotherapy, providing mobility devices, counseling and financial assistance. 

Manitha Neyam Trust extended their arms to support us since 2014, especially concentrating on orthotic devices and devices for diabetic patients, over 300 patients benefitted through Manitha Neyam Trust, and we consider MNT as the pillar of our strength. The help provided by the Trust is more than financial assistance, as the beneficiaries were able to go back to their normal life as they enjoyed before. We never had to remind them, and all their assistance was received in time, and as a organization we thank the founders of the MNT and donors of the MNT for their noble service.” 

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