The Mahadeva Ashram is a long-standing home for children who are orphans due to the conflict and natural disasters. Currently, the home cares for 150+ children and provides them with all needs for comfort, food, education and extracurriculars. Standing with the “right to life with dignity”, the home provides a protective environment to children and continue to look after their mental and physical wellbeing.

Manitha Neyam Trust continuously supports the Ashrams service. Two of such noteworthy projects are the Cashew and Coconut Farm and the Dairy Farm, which were initiated with the purpose of self-sufficiency and sustainability, creating an extra source of income to support the children.

MNT supported the ashram to extend their acreage to 20 acres of land to grow cashews and coconuts, which is located in the Village of Kiranchi in the district of Kilinochchi. Using the technical assistance of the veterinary health department, the ashram also raises and nurtures 32 cows and 25 calves, which helps the home to self-sustain their organic milk needs and adds to their sustainability initiative.

We thank our donors for enabling us not only to look after the present of the deserved children, but also enabling us to provide a solution for their future as well.