Kolam, a Manitha Neyam Trust supported project, places importance on the arts and crafts unique to the Jaffna peninsula.

Founded by contemporary Sri Lankan artists, T Shanaathanan and Pradeep Thalawatta in collaboration with graduates from the Art & Design Unit of the University of Jaffna, Kolam pays homage to centuries of age-old crafts and traditions, documenting the invaluable artistic culture that has survived till today.

Their effort to increase social and community empowerment in the Jaffna Peninsula is incredible, and MNT has been blessed to support this project since its initiation.

Their inaugural launch took place in early January 2019, and their website is now live with the product portfolio. We encourage you to visit their site at www.kolamjaffna.com or https://www.facebook.com/kolamjaffna/.

We thank you our donor for the support given to such projects, and hope you find an item you love in their portfolio!