During our visit to Jaffna, we met Master Kajanan from Sudumalai South, Manipay. He is one of the beneficiaries of the Jaffna Jaipur Centre.

Kajanan is a victim of polio, and has been receiving technical assistance and treatment from the Jaipur Centre since 2014. All the orthotic devices are manufactured in-house by the expert technicians and supplied directly to patients as needed.

The parents of Kajanan thanked Manitha Neyam Trust for positively impacting their sons’ life, and have also requested further support to purchase a wheelchair for their son.Like Kajanan, there are a lot of beneficiaries getting benefited through this MNT assisted project at the Jaipur Center. We hope to keep you updated on this wonderful place in the near future!
If you are interested in helping people like Kajanan, you can direct your donation if you wish. For more information on donating, please visit our website: manithaneyam.org.