Jaffna Jaipur Centre is well known for the priceless services they provide for the war victims.  They work hard to bring back a sense of normalcy in the lives of people with limb-loss / physical disabilities, and empower them through a total rehabilitation program to restore their confidence.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, they are involved in providing orthotic devices and orthopedic services to the physically disabled adults and children.  These orthotic conditions arise from diverse causes, including polio, birth defects, strokes and accidents.

The Jaipur Centre is able to provide expert care for the patients.  They have their own technical team to produce expertly designed orthotic devices for the children and adults.  Over 300 patients benefitted through the section just in this last year.

Manitha Neyam is humbled to be able to fully sponsor the Orthotics section, and we thank our donors for enabling us to support the much-needed cause.  We hope to share some success stories of beneficiaries soon.