As we are determined to provide relief to families who have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to provide dry rations to a number of families in Jaffna & Mannar. They were identified as a high-risk district and have been under curfew for over 25 days and counting.

 We were also able to provide relief to approx. 120 families living near Thiruketheeswaram Temple, Mannar District, these rations are sufficient for a weeks time and Manitha Neyam Trust expects to continue the support to them. 

These daily wage-earning families are fighting with hunger, unable to obtain basic needs due to the lack of income and heavily depend on relief.  Manitha Neyam Trust distributed the relief through the Youth Volunteers from Chunnakam to the following villages in Jaffna District:







There are more families in villages waiting for some sort of relief donations as they don’t have any other means of income due to current situation. We expect to continue our relief donations and we kindly request our donors to support us in this time of need.