Pandemic update: The nationwide curfew in Sri Lanka persists, as does the coronavirus pandemic. Curfew lifts come weekly for a short period of time, allowing people to go outside without special permission. While these extreme measures are proving to contain the disease, many citizens in rural parts of the country have been affected by this economic shutdown. Daily wage workers remain the majority in rural Sri Lanka, where the privilege of working from home is not feasible.

Our volunteers were able to visit Jaffna, Kalmunai, and Mannar districts again to deliver more pantry staples to families in need.  Through your donations around the world, we have been able to provide these dry or canned foods, like rice and lentils, to hundreds of families over the past few weeks. We will be continuing to provide our support to all of these families affected by the workforce shutting down, and ensuring there is food on the table every day.

We thank you for your endless support during this unprecedented time. For more information on how you can help, please email, or visit our website at