“I thought I would have to depend on others after the accident, but luckily, the Jaipur Centre was able to change my life forever positively,” said Mr Thurkathevan. On a fateful day, he fell in an open well. While recovering from the accident, he realized couldn’t walk and had lost feeling his legs. At that moment, he thought that he could not continue his teaching job, and that he would have to depend on others for his living and activities.However, the Jaffna Jaipur Centre gave him hope, by providing great relief and healing through all of their rehabilitation services. He still continues to receive treatment from the Centre, and he is back to his profession of teaching and maintaining his independence.

He thanked the Jaffna Jaipur Centre and Manitha Neyam Trust for impacting his life positively, along many beneficiaries gaining support and rehab services through this MNT assisted project.

If you are interested in helping people like Mr. Thurkathevan, you can direct your donation if you wish to the Jaffna Jaipur Centre. For more information on donating, please visit our website: manithaneyam.org