The Mahadeva Ashram has been a long-standing home for orphans due to conflict and natural disasters. Currently, the home cares for 150+ children and provides them with all needs for comfort, food, education and extracurriculars. Standing by the saying: “right to life with dignity”, the home provides a protective environment to children and continue to look after their mental and physical wellbeing.

Manitha Neyam Trust sponsored the ashram to set up a coconut and cashew estate with 20 acres. The main purpose of the project was to achieve self-sustainability in terms of the food needs of the ashram, as well as generate additional income through the sale of coconut and cashew. This project cost is approx. 6.5 Million rupees, funded by donors like you.

The following is the thank you note sent by the president of Mahadeva Ashram:

“Approx. 1200 coconut trees planted in 20-acre estate and out of which approx. 540 trees died due to the drought and uncontrollable natural causes, also some trees destroyed by the wild elephants, however, we took necessary actions to replant the destroyed trees, we were able to get the yield from approx. 660 trees and the yield is enough for the need of the ashram and we were able to sell the excess in the market as well, we expect to earn more income in coming days, we made arrangement to water the plant using water bowsers during the drought days. we believe that we can increase the yield and income while achieving sustainability.”

Also, he noted that the cashew farming didn’t work out as expected due to various uncontrollable facts such as sea breeze, wind and drought, “we are working hard to overcome these challenges and we plan to plant 1000 cashew plants per year as we are determined to achieve success in this project as well, we strongly believe that we will achieve the desired results and sustainability in coming days.”

The president of the Mahadeva Swamigal Childrens’ Home, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the Trust and the donors for the support and love, he mentioned “All these made possible by the help of Manitha Neyam Trust and the long term sustainability focused thinking, thus the Mahadeva Ashram will be always thankful for the Manitha Neyam Trust and they believe that they can take forward the initiative.”