The Mahadeva Ashram has been a long-standing home for children who were orphaned due to conflict and natural disasters.  Currently, the home cares for 150+ children and provides them with all necessities, from comfort and food to education and extracurricular activities.  Standing with the “right to life with dignity”, the home provides a protective environment for these children, and continues to look after their mental and physical wellbeing.

Manitha Neyam Trust sponsored the ashram to set up a cattle farm as a sustainable initiative, where the Ashram can benefit from the produce themselves, and can sell the excess produce in the market.  The project started with 10 milk cows and currently, it has grown to a self-sustaining level with 26 milk cows, 15 calves and 4 bulls.

In the thank you note sent by the president of the Mahadeva Ashram, he mentioned that the project yields approximately 30-45 litres of milk per day, which is used by the children at the home.  They also are able to sell approximately 180 litres to the milk board on a monthly basis.  Additionally, they use farm waste as a natural fertilizer for the vegetable farm, enabling the children to consume organically harvested vegetables.

He mentioned that the farm is considered as an example to the university students and other farmers in the area!  All of this was made possible by the help of Manitha Neyam Trust donors and the long-term sustainability focus.  Thus, the Mahadeva Ashram will be always thankful for the Manitha Neyam Trust and their donors, as they believe that they can take forward the initiative to great heights