MNT, observant of the changing environment of unfortunate people, endeavour where possible to bring innovative solutions to match the requirement of the society. Realising the deteriorating health standards of the ageing population and due to unavailability of Tamil speaking healthcare providers who are capable of providing assistance to physically and mentally dependant and emotionally disturbed Tamil individuals in either the nursing home or domestic environment, MNT along with Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD) identified the Assistant Nurse training programme. This as an opportunity to help the young who either have missed their opportunity to learn due to war period or have lost their husband, wife or family, or the bread winner and thus their livelihood. The Assistant Nurse training programme is a well-structured training programme formulated to benefit both the elderly threatened by failing health and the young through providing a credible and worthy employment opportunity. It was a corporate solution not only to improve the health standards but also the standard of living of those families belonging to the young being trained. Initially Rs. 1 million was allocated for the6 month and 9 month training program conducted in Nugegoda. Students from Jaffna are accommodated in Nugegoda (Colombo) whilst they undergo their training, and at the end of the course sent to world reputed private hospitals to receive hands on and relevant work experience. On completion of their training, whilst those who completed the programme are free to seek suitable employment to meet their aspirations, it is hoped that some will return to Jaffna to benefit their home surrounds. MNT believes this to be a further flagship project to be repeated wherever possible.