An estimated 7 million children under the age of 15 have significant visual impairment, according to the WHO. They also report the number of people with disabling hearing loss will grow in the coming years.

In Sri Lanka, approximately 33% of blind children who even attend school had preventable vision impairing diseases. Lack of access to to treatment and hearing services continues to put the country and its posterity at risk. Many children who are differently-abled as such, are not supported by their parents for various reasons, and thus put into homes like Iniya Vazhvu Illam.

Iniya Vazhvu Illam is dedicated to working with children who have been affected by impaired vision and hearing. Currently, over 50 children with vision and hearing problems are the beneficiaries living at this home.

MNT supports Iniya Vazhvu Illam, by sponsoring their monthly expenses to provide basic needs such as food, accommodation and education. We work to provide a limitless education, going beyond physical restrictions and facilitating our children to follow their dreams. Some children have gone to university while others have started working.

We hope to raise awareness and garner increasing support to continue providing educational aid for the visually and hearing impaired children in Sri Lanka. Your continued support means so much to us and all of our staff at Iniya Vazhvu Illam.