As we have mentioned before, Manitha Neyam Trust supports a number of students in Mannar district who live under poverty line or lost one or both of their parents during the war.

We invited some of the beneficiary students in the Mannar district, along with their parent/guardians to have a short discussion about their experiences. During the discussion, we shared some valuable insights on the importance of education, to develop the community as a whole. Also, parents and students were given the opportunity to talk about their own experiences, from problems they faced, expectations they had, and their success stories.

Almost all of our beneficiary students are doing really well in their academic performances and are expected to reach great potential in their lifetime. All the students, parents and guardians conveyed their appreciation and well-wishes to the generous donors and Trust for providing the opportunity to get an education.

Thank you to our donors for making this happen! Education is the most powerful tool we can give to our kids back home for a better future!