Manitha Neyam Trust supports a number of students in the Mannar region by providing financial support for their education including tuition, room and board, and transportation. Mr. Thaneswaran, Principal of Sithi Vinayakar Hindu College, appreciates the support of MNT and herewith we would like to share his words with our donors:

“Our school has received help and assistance from Manitha Neyam Trust since the war days. Students who lost their parents in the war, and students living below the poverty line receive financial assistance from MNT for their educational expenses. It helps the students increase their educational standard and living standards, and a lot of students are here to witness the noble participation of MNT in their life. A lot of students from war-affected areas were able to stay in the school hostel and continue their education because of Manitha Neyam Trust’s help.  I take this opportunity to thank MNT and the donors for their priceless assistance; I thank them on behalf of students, parents and society. Though the war is over, the scars of war are still there, thus I humbly  request MNT to  continue their service to educate our children and uplift their families and society”.

A heartfelt thanks to all of our donors for continuing to support projects like this, and aiding in providing a priceless education to our posterity. Let us educate all the children in our world ?