Though the war is over, the impact and scars still cut deep in various ways.

The north and east of Sri Lanka are known for the deeply rooted family-first culture, where elderly parents are well looked after by their children, generation after generation.

Due to the almost 30 year war, a multitude of parents lost their children, and now, decades later, those parents are struggling in their elderly age without proper care and hospitality.

To address this issue, Manitha Neyam Trust owns and operates an elders home in Thiruketheeswaram, where elderly people are looked after and cared for exceptionally. Once home to over 60 elders, the Elders Home currently hosts fewer people, but it’s overwhelming to see some of the elders reunited with their families and living their much-desired and deserved life.

MNT determined that to provide utmost love and care to elders residing at the home, and to ensure all their requirements are met, the Trust would provide for all needs. These include but are not limited to their health, accommodation, meals and in-house nursing care.

MNT joins hands with the elders to convey their sincere gratitude to the donors for enriching their lives with love and care. Here’s to providing the best golden years for generations to come!