Established in 2005 with the support of Manitha Neyam Trust, MNT Women Empowerment Centre in Mannar works to empower the young women in the region by providing vocational training. Examples of work these women are trained in are sewing, fabric painting, handcrafting, farming and animal husbandry. Women are encouraged to explore the variety of trainings they can receive, and choose the course that most interests them to get a certification. All of the courses are conducted by qualified experts in each discipline. The Empowerment Centre plays a vital role in lifting up women in the Mannar region, making them independent, working members of society who are able to provide for themselves and their families.

Over 300 students have graduated from the training center in the past 14 years. Currently, 20 students are receiving vocational training in one of the various disciplines of their choosing. Mrs Thavaneswary, who is a lecturer at the Centre stated that: “The help and support from MNT is priceless and a lot of students benefitted through the certification provided by the Centre. Some students got job placements in Europe using the certification from the centre.”

All the students and lecturers conveyed their heartiest thanks and wishes to the donors and Trust for their endless support. Let’s make it our mission to educate many more generations of women! More power to the SHE.