At Gowriambal GTMS, the school arranges special tuition classes in multiple subjects to ordinary level (O Level) students and covers tuition fees. Math, science and history teachers are outsourced to provide personalized education to children and the investment in providing 20+ students a well-rounded education is fully funded by MNT’s donations.

Principal of Gowriambal GTMS, Mr T Kuruparan stated:

“Manitha Neyam Trust has helped our school for the last four years. MNT sponsors the expenses of arranging maths, science and history special classes to ordinary level students. Every year, over 20 students are getting benefitted through this program, this helps our school students achieve good results in the region. We are planning to expand the special classes to advanced level (A Level) students and grade five scholarship students. In the past four years, 12 students got selected to university from our school. We thank Manitha Neyam Trust for the help and we expect further assistance in future as well, our best wishes and congratulations to the Trust and donors”.

So, thank you to all the donors for helping us support projects like this! An education is one of the most powerful resources to arm a child with; it’s the passport to their future. This would not be possible without your donations, so all of us at MNT are grateful to you!