Suicides are the tragic outcome of complex human, socio-economic and societal factors and Srilanka is rated as one of the highest suicide affected countries in the world by the world health organization. The latest statistics for Sri Lanka show a suicide rate of 15 per 100,000, and a recent study revealed that poverty is the highest contributor to suicide deaths.

Volunteers supported by Sustainable Living Solutions Trust have been working hard to prevent suicides in Vanni and Jaffna areas. They provide empathic listening services to people who are stressed and depressed due to various socio, economic and societal factors. As stated by Mr Nithianandan, the biggest challenge they face is people. People in Vanni are not coming forward to obtain the services due to shyness, lack of confidence and other societal factors. Significant efforts have been made to create trust and engage people through awareness campaigns among vulnerable people. Banners, leaflets, stickers and newspaper advertisements have been used in addition to door to door visits in Vanni region partnering with various organizations. they have planned volunteer training programs and awareness programmes to increase the service reach.

Their service is humongous and important to the region, we thank all the donors for enabling Manitha Neyam Trust to assist this noble task.