Abled children The Sivapoomi School for the differently abled children (”School”) was established in 2004, to support and train differently abled children in the local community to face and succeed in life with dignity and as individual. Sri Lankan society is arguably yet to come to terms with an accept-able, tolerant, nurturing and accommodating attitude towards such individuals. As such, the establishment of the School itself was the begin-Ning of an educational and acceptance process; not only for the children involved but also for the wider society. The School is now home for 210differently abled children ranging in age from 7 to 34 years of age as at 31March 2014 and 31 March 2015 (195 at the time of previous annual report). Such children’s individual needs are innovatively cared for by 15specially trained teachers. Individualized training programs include special exercise classes, vocational training and certain sport activities. Progress of children is continuously monitored and their developmental program is adjusted as may become necessary.

A vocational training building complex is now under development with view to helping in the provision of formal training and motivational programs with the aim of ultimately increasing the employability of these children. Flushed with the success of 3 students from the School who had participated in the Para Olympics held in Australia, coaching is now underway at the School to enable a further 4 students to participate in the Para Olympics to be held in USA. For the reasons set out above, the Trust is especially proud and thankful to its donor base for enabling it to contribute towards the success of this School. The Trust considers that the School’s presence and achievements are symbolic in enabling the society to move away from denial of such individuals and towards inclusion of the same.