The Mahadeva Ashram (the ”Ashram”) currently accommodates 402 children(229 girls and 173 boys) as at 31 March 2015 and 324 children (165 girls, 159boys) as at 31 March 2014 , all aged between 18 months to 20 years. Each of these children was severely affected by war, and many belonged to house-holds, which had lost their primary breadwinner. The Ashram employs 46staff to look after the children and to provide the necessary administrative support. Additional classes are provided after school to support the children’s further needs; particularly with Mathematics, English, Computer Technology, Music and Dance. The Ashram also provides vocational training including sewing and facial care. During the reporting period, 46 of the children Patrice-pated in a karate competition with one child from the Ashram going on to win the gold medal. With the oversight of the Ashram’s 46 staff, children’s health, welfare and education support at the Ashram continues to flourish. The Trustees are proud to report of the successful endeavors of the Ashram’s children: 27 students successfully completed Ordinary Level examinations and a further 15 students are awaiting their Advance Level examination results. Four years ago, with the financial help of the Trust, the Ashram started a cattle farm project; a further initiative in its relentless drive towards self-sufficiency. Progress with this initiative has surpassed all expectations. With 48 cows in the farm, the Ashram’s demand for milk to satisfy internal needs is entirely catered for by their own cattle farm. In addition, the biogas generated using cow dung, is used to meet around 10% of the cooking needs. Moreover, the Ashram has cultivated 250 acres of paddy and attained self-sufficiency in rice and rice flour. Any excess production is sold in the open market. The Ashram also grows its own vegetable garden and its entire vegetable and coconut requirements are supplied from its own vegetable garden. In addition to contributing towards the Ashram’s regular maintenance each quarter, the Trust has once again donated Rs. 1 million worth of uniforms, umbrellas, school bags and white boards to aid these children in their studies. The Trustees continue to be grateful for the support of its donors in helping to facilitate the shaping and development of this Ashram over the years.