The Trust believes that the provision of educational and vocational training to children with hearing and visual impairment is not a responsibility towards an individual but towards the entire society. Investing in the future of these children is not merely a wish; it is our responsibility. The Trust considers it to be its duty to identify disabled role models, presently lacking in Sri Lanka, so as to be an example for future generations. IniyaValvuIllam cared for 52children as at 31 March 2015 and 57 children as at 31 March 2014 who are either blind or deaf and aims to help these children maximize their potential and satisfy their ambition. These children are provided with residential facile-ties. Recently, a new dormitory was built to accommodate girls. Computer laboratory facilities are available for use by all children and musical instrument training is also provided. With the longer term in mind, Vocational training provided includes cooking, sewing, glass painting and woodwork. Additionally, IniyaValvuIllam has its own farm. The farm produces milk, eggs, coconuts and banana. At present, products from the farm are used in support of the residential needs and excess, if any, is sold to the market. The farm also provides a further avenue of training for the children. The Trust is delighted to participate through regular quarterly funding contributions towards the welfare of this inspirational residential facility thanks to the generosity of its donors.